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Cancellation - CCSTA 2020 AGM/Convention (COVID-19)

After much deliberation we feel that it is best to cancel our AGM/Convention (June 4-7, 2020). We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. A full refund for the conference registration and associated fees will be provided.

All AGM/Convention registrations will be automatically cancelled and no action is required on your part. Please note that refunds usually take up to two weeks to be processed by the system. However, due to the volume of events being cancelled the processing time may take longer.

All rooms in the “CCSTA block” of Blue Mountain Hotel have been cancelled.

A reminder that all travel arrangements and rooms booked outside the CCSTA "hotel block" is the trustee’s responsibility. We would like to thank Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir for their leadership in organizing what would have been an outstanding AGM/Convention.

Please stay healthy and may God Bless.

Saskatchewan Appeal Court approves funding for non-Catholics in separate schools

Saskatchewan’s highest court ruled yesterday that separate schools can receive provincial government funding for non-Catholic students. This decision comes after a lengthy legal challenge from the public Good Spirit Division, after it closed down its public school in Theodore, Saskatchewan. To fill that gap, the local parent community worked with the Catholic school board to open a new school. The Good Spirit Division argued against this set-up, and the “Queen’s Bench judge said provincial laws permitting funding for non-Catholic students enrolled in a separate school violated constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and religious equality.” (National Post) This ruling was appealed, and it was overturned yesterday when the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal released this statement: “We find the trial judge made three fundamental errors of law that permeate the principal issues that had to be resolved at trial.” This appeal decision sends a strong message about the impact of educational rights in Catholic schools.

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A Toonie at a Time: how Ontario’s Student Trustees are supporting other Canadian Catholic students

CCSTA has a powerful new tool for its Toonies for Tuition fundraising campaign: student trustees.OSTA Student Trustees

For this academic year, the Catholic Board Council within the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association are encouraging Ontario’s Catholic secondary schools to prioritize the Toonies for Tuition program as a key fundraising initiative.

“Many student trustees were shocked to hear some provinces did not have publicly funded Catholic education and are eager to help support students across Canada,” explains Catholic Board Council Vice President Sofia Zamorano.

When student trustees were told about Toonies for Tuition, the CCSTA initiative that raises money to help offset tuition costs for families attending Catholic school in provinces with limited or no funding for Catholic education, they quickly took action.

With the help of tools and resources provided by the Catholic Board Council, student trustees mobilize their peers within their school boards.

There have been various student-led initiatives, such as board wide non-uniform days and social events.

Each year, CCSTA awards the highest contributing school board with a trophy in recognition of their efforts, but the emphasis is placed on participation, not competition.

“There is no goal in particular,” explains Ms. Zamorano. “We are encouraging participation to the best of their ability.”

Through these events, students both show solidarity with their peers across the country and also build advocacy skills.

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Who’s taking home the Trophy? Toonies for Tuition fundraising challenge deadline is May 15

For nearly a decade, provinces, school boards, and school districts have been competing to capture the coveted award: the Toonies for Tuition Trophy. Toonies social Eng 4

Since its inception in 2011, the CCSTA Toonies for Tuition Trophy Challenge encourages some friendly competition amongst the provinces while supporting families who are sending their children to attend Catholic schools in partially or unfunded provinces.

The two trophy categories include the school board/division that raises the most money per FTE student and the province that raises the most funding per FTE.

CCSTA tallies the funds contributed to the program to determine which parties earn the Trophy for the year.

“We’ve really enjoyed watching the friendly competition unfold between the provinces that are fully funded, as they undertake creative and supportive initiatives to donate to Toonies for Tuition,” says CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon.


Saskatchewan Roots: Its History

Former CCSTA President Mike St. Amand and his colleague, Bert Provost, first launched the Trophy Challenge. Saskatchewan took home the honours for the first six years, followed by an Alberta win and then Ontario. For the past two years, Evergreen CSRC No. 2, AB earned the top spot for the school district.

“Mike and Bert brought a competitive and friendly spirit to this initiative,” says Hanlon. “The Trophy Challenge really helped ignite the fundraising efforts and breathe new life into a much-needed cause.”

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Toonies for Tuition fundraising campaign supports Catholic students in provinces that have limited or no public funding for Catholic schools.


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