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Put a Toonies for Tuition fundraiser in your 2017-18 School Year Calendar

Toonies for tuitionAs we approach the end of the school year, we know that principals, teachers, trustees, parents and clergy are already turning their attention to the upcoming year’s school calendar.

For instance, most of you have already hosted your kindergarten orientation sessions!

As you look at your 2017-2018 school calendar, please keep the Toonies for Tuition initiative in your plans to help raise money and awareness for a good cause.

Toonies for Tuition raises money for families who want their children to attend Catholic schools in provinces with partial to no funding. As a result, students are responsible to pay tuition fees. Families who could use the financial support in order to make it happen can apply for funding support through the CCSTA Endowment Fund.

Each year, the Endowment Fund applications are reviewed by a committee and money is then allotted to the successful applicants.

Since 2006, CCSTA has contributed more than $315,000 so that children and youth can access Catholic education in their hometown.

And the demand remains high.

“It’s wonderful that we’re able to provide that much funding to students from across Canada, but the need for support continues to grow,” says CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon, adding that just last year, more than $130,000 was requested through the Endowment Fund applications and CCSTA was able to allot $45,000. “The selection committee has to make some tough choices about who receives the available funding each year. We’d love to – someday – be able to fund every dollar requested.”

That’s where Toonies for Tuition comes into the play.

The money raised through the Toonies for Tuition initiative gets put into the Endowment Fund.

From hat days to dress down days to dances, schools and parishes from across Canada have shown their support for helping others out.

“We have witnessed the true spirit of the Catholic faith in our schools and parishes,” says CCSTA President Marino Gazzola. “That’s what we wish to continue to see for the coming years.”

So, as you plan out your upcoming calendar, we encourage you to include a Toonies for Tuition fundraiser into your plans. We even have a Toonies for Tuition resource package to help you bring those ideas to life.

For instance, the Toonies for Tuition day is the always the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving (this year it’s Tuesday, October 10) or many schools host a fundraiser during Catholic Education Week in May.

Learn more about Toonies for Tuition or download the Toonies Package.

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Toonies Add Up!

TFT Logo Final 2018 TransparentSmallToonies for Tuition fundraising campaign supports Catholic students in provinces that have no public funding for Catholic schools.


 Learn more about Toonies for Tuition 


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