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Five Pinterest-worthy Toonies for Tuition Fundraiser Idea for your School

Is your school ready to take on a Toonies for Tuition Fundraiser? But don’t really know what to do? We’ve put together a list of popular yet creative Pinterest-worthy ideas for a school fundraiser that’ll have your students laughing, teachers smiling and parents engaging while getting total gratitude from us for your contribution and commitment to giving other kids from across Canada access to Catholic education.

Okay, here goes:


Host a Nearly New Sale: With so many children in school, there are plenty of parents who have closets busting with outgrown clothes. In the school gymnasium, host a Nearly New Sale, where parents can donate used children’s clothing and invite the community to the sale. All proceeds can go to Toonies for Tuition. Hot Tip: Put specific guidelines on the clothes that you’ll accept. E.g. clothes no older than three years and outline brand-names you’ll take so that quality clothes are donated.

clothes hangers coat hangers plastic hanger hang 39518


Tape a Teacher: When you tell your student body that you’re going to tape a teacher to the wall, you’re going to get their attention. Students have to pay $1-$2 to buy a piece of tape. Then, on the day of, the teacher will put themselves against a wall, and students will take turns putting up their piece of tape. By the end, it will look like the teacher has been plastered against the wall with a spider web, and the students will love it! Hot Tip: buy different coloured tape so it’s visually appealing.

Tape a Teacher Credit: Pinterest


Host a Colour Run: What do you get when you tell kids to run as fast as they can while getting slathered in multiple colours? A successful fundraiser. Whether it’s a 5k fun run with colour stations, or a school-yard-based, track-style run, you’ll have students pay to take part in a Colour Run. They’ll wear white clothes while teachers will (gladly?) spray coloured powder on them as they run by. The results are hilariously bright-coloured students while promoting health and fitness. Hot Tip: Make your own colour powder that’s non-toxic and easy on the wallet.

Colour Run Credit Maitland Mercury


Student Art Show: If you’re a high school, then chances are you have some artistically talented students in your hallways. Host an art show where students can showcase their hard work, and the money raised goes to Toonies for Tuition from the art sales. The community can be invited in to watch the art show, and you could make it a week-long event in the cafeteria. Hot Tip: If you don’t have the space inside your school, work with a local, high-traffic coffee shop to display the art work for sale.

art show


Can you Spare a Toonie Fundraising Form: When you hand people a funny form that they can connect to, then they’ll gladly hand a toonie over to take part. It’s a great icebreaker when asking for donations, as it’s a playful way for the donor to contribute, especially when you have one-liners that include: “Well, since it’s you”, ”I will start you off”, and “Don’t forget about me!” Take a look at the form below. Hot Tip: Put your school logo on the form as well as the Toonies for Tuition logo. That way it demonstrates the student’s authentic ask to donors.

Spare a Toonie Fundraising Form

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing as you plan out your school’s fundraising calendar. Thanks for considering Toonies for Tuition as a fundraising beneficiary, and all the best as we get set for another great school year!

Remember: Toonies for Tuition Day is Tuesday, Oct. 3, which is a national day of fundraising for this specific initiative!

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