Student Storytelling: Kenora Catholic District School Board releases Innovative Learning Video Series

Project X ThumbnailWhen the Grade 7 and 8 students at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Kenora, Ontario were asked about their ideal classroom, there was no shortage of suggestions.

Sparked from the idea to bring “home” into homeroom, the Grade 7 and 8 classroom spaces were reimagined. From inspiring paint colours to transformative desk spaces to interactive learning opportunities, the students worked with staff from the Kenora Catholic District School Board to create that classroom.

The school transformed their classrooms into learning studios and promotes new forms of learning. Other than an inspiring space for learning, the outcome revealed a student-educator decision-making process where all voices were heard and all ideas considered.

“It’s about how the KCDSB infuses Catholicity into everything we do,” explains Trina Henley of the KCDSB, adding that the St. Thomas Aquinas classroom transformation did just that.

“Our students walked into their transformed classrooms and saw them for the first time on August 30 on the first day of school last year,” she explains. “The process of collaboration began the previous school year and took the most part of the school year.  There was a lot of student and teacher voice and collaboration in determining what would be the best fit in terms of furniture and colours for the transformed classrooms.”

To see the story, check out their video: St. Thomas Aquinas High School promotes new forms of learning:


Storytelling Through Video

This story is just one of many documented by the KCDSB through video. Last year, they released a series of Innovative Learning videos that highlight student storytelling and engagement. The videos include one-on-one interviews and real-time action in a sequence that naturally unfolds the story before the viewer.

The idea behind the Innovative Learning videos is to share these stories in a different format and then ignite engagement through social sharing.


Here is a listing of the other videos in the Innovative Learning Series:


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