6 Essential Questions for Election Candidates


Banner Ad REG 300x600 ENWith the Federal Election quickly approaching, elected officials will be our voice on key issues. Here are some important questions to ask candidates to understand their stance on issues that affect Catholic education in Canada.

  • Education: With news recently that schools in Ontario are poised to strike, how will your party work with provincial governments to ensure a vibrant school system?
  • Post-Secondary: Tuition is on the rise and it seems like more students are struggling to get by.  How will you support our high school students looking to further their education at a post-secondary institution?
  • Environment: The faith community also cares deeply about how we steward the environment.  What are your respective parties committing to, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our planet?
  • Palliative Care and Medical Assistance in Dying: Only 15% of Canadians who died in 2016-17 received palliative care at home.  And with requests for medical assistance in dying on the rise, what are your commitments to increasing access to palliative care?
  • Poverty: What are your respective parties going to do to bring more Canadians, especially Canadian children, out of poverty?
  • Immigration: The issue of immigration is prominent in the news right now.  How can we, in the words of Pope Francis, “welcome, protect, promote and integrate” new comers into our country?

As Election Day approaches, pray that the candidates will discern and understand the issues and concerns that face our country today.  Pray that they will remember the vulnerable and poor, and consider justice, inclusion and unity when making decisions.