CCSTA Launches National Toonies for Tuition Campaign Materials

The Toonies for Tuition Initiative is gaining some serious momentum across the country. Toonies social Eng 3

To help support the schools, educators and students taking the lead on building Catholic education opportunities for all students across Canada, CCSTA collaborated with the Ottawa Catholic School Board to launch online marketing materials related to the cause.

Toonies for Tuition is a CCSTA-based initiative that works to raise money in order to help offset tuition funds for families attending Catholic schools in provinces with limited or no funding to the private education system.

And the CCSTA wanted to continue to build its momentum of support from across the country.

“Last year, when the endowment fund committee convened to distribute the funds it was suggested that a short video could be a powerful tool to help school boards and schools promote their campaigns,” explains CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon.

That’s where Catherine Burnham comes in. She is the Atlantic Region Board member with the CCSTA, and she’s also the Director of Development with the Divine Mercy Catholic School in Saint John, NB

She created a video that helped tell the Toonies for Tuition story.



“I had created the toonies video last year after the CCSTA board was talking about needing a tool for explaining the toonies campaign to schools,” Catherine explains. “I spent a few weeks filming in the school where I work, and I’d also emailed a few other provinces to get some photos, so there are a few other schools included. I then wrote the script and put it altogether, using my voice.”

After Catherine completed the video, Julian approached the OCSB communications team to help bring this video and other digital marketing materials to life.

“The school board team came up with some suggestions for enhancing CCSTA’s website and helping package the video,” he explains, giving specific thanks to John Juane and Nathalie Rodriguez of the OCSB for their support.

As a result, the packaged video and accompanying social media specific posts are ready for download from the CCSTA website.

“The intent is that the video and other material are available on our website and school boards and schools can use them to help promote their campaigns,” says Julian, adding that Catherine’s dedication to the cause is what brought the idea to life.

Catherine’s hope is the video’s message speaks to its audience.

“I worked on the script before I started the video and just tried to convey the bigger picture of Catholic Education in Canada so that individual Catholic schools would realize they’re part of something that is bigger than just their school,” she says. “I think creating this awareness of being a big Catholic family also helps instill a desire to help one another and a responsibility to help along those in need – those things come very naturally to children!”

See the video and its accompanying marketing materials