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Catholic Education Week and Toonies for Tuition: A missed fundraising opportunity this year

CEW 2020

Catholic Education Week is upon us! Across the country, Catholic School Boards are highlighting the wonderful and important work happening within our Catholic education system.

Naturally, with so many good things being celebrated within our classrooms, our attention turns to ensuring Catholic education is available to all Canadians, including those living in jurisdictions that have no or partial publicly funded Catholic education.

Which is where the Toonies for Tuition Endowment Fund comes in.

Traditionally, we at CCSTA see a surge in fundraisers for the Toonies for Tuition Endowment Fund during Catholic Education Week.

With schools functioning remotely throughout the country, Catholic Education Week looks a little different than most years. With those changes comes an unexpected consequence: fewer local fundraisers are happening for Toonies for Tuition.

As a result, there will be a potentially reduced funding for Toonies for Tuition this year. To curb the negative impact on the fund, CCTSA is asking our supporters, followers, stakeholders and fellow educators to consider donating to the fund.

Upon hearing about the funds’ challenges this year, many administrators from across the country reached out to share stories that might inspire action. They shared stories of belonging, family ties and the benefits of faith-based education, and how the Toonies for Tuition program supported those experiences.

“The Toonies for Tuition Endowment Program has afforded many children the opportunity to avail of Catholic education in a safe and caring environment which has enabled them to have a sense of belonging,” shares Elaine King, Principal of Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. “They have flourished in a faith based learning that is so important to them and their families.”

Perhaps one of our favourite stories from this year is of a refugee family in Halifax who accessed funds to settle into their new life in Canada while maintaining their important family traditions.

“At Sacred Heart School of Halifax, CCSTA tuition support is a source of relief, compassion and community for a refugee family with two children; this family, steeped in Catholic education for generations, weathered their quick transition to Canada, developed new skills, found entry-level positions, and gratefully rely upon the goodness and generosity of our school and the CCSTA community,” explains Anne Watcher, Headmistress of Sacred Heart School.

We would like to encourage all our partners in education to consider donating to Toonies for Tuition. Together, we can make Catholic education universally available to all Canadian children.

To donate and support the initiative, visit our Canada Helps page.


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Toonies for Tuition fundraising campaign supports Catholic students in provinces that have limited or no public funding for Catholic schools.


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