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CCSTA is operated by two part-time staff, the Executive Director and Executive Assistant. The Executive committee comprises of the Executive Director as well as the President, Vice-President, and Past President. CCSTA also has a Board of Directors with representation from each province or district, and a Chaplain.

Marino Gazzola - President

Marino Gazzola

Marino Gazzola was named the CCSTA President in June 2016, after representing CCSTA as Vice President, and Ontario on the CCSTA Board of Directors.  

When Marino Gazzola sees a need for action, he works to help bring forward a solution. That’s exactly why he ran for and for a trustee’s position with the Wellington Catholic District School Board in 1990. A local school construction project took longer than expected and it ignited his desire to get involved, especially since his kids planned to attend that particular school located in southern Ontario.

A police officer by trade, Mr. Gazzola received the Lieutenant Governor ‎General’s 125th provincial medal for Community service in 1992 and The Queen's Jubilee Medal of Honour in 2013 for Service to the Guelph Police Association and the community of Guelph. When he’s not working, Mr. Gazzola has dedicated his extra time to the Catholic school system ever since his successful election as a trustee.

He later got involved with the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association in 2007, where he served three years on the Board of Directors, followed by a term each serving as vice-president and president.

“Provincially, we’re always dealing with the threat of amalgamation between the Catholic and public school systems,” he says. “There have been a lot of political issues, and we need to maintain what we currently have.”

Mr. Gazzola first joined on the CCSTA Board of Directors as an Ontario representative from 2010-2012 during his OCSTA Vice-President tenure. When his term ended as OCSTA President, he says he felt the natural next move was to work on a national level.

“We need to keep the national picture open and keep the provinces informed about what’s going on nationally,” he explains. “For instance, a lot of people in Ontario don’t understand what the rest of the country is going through, especially within non-funded provinces and the commitment the parents make to ensure their children go to a Catholic school. It’s Important to have that national voice to connect us all together so each of us knows what’s going on in other parts of the country.”

Paula Scott - Vice President

Paula Scott

Paula Scott was a teacher in Lloydminster for 5 years, then Calgary for 5 years, before moving back to Lloydminster. Since then she’s been a trustee for 11 years with the Lloydminster Catholic School Division, as well as sitting on the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association Board (SCSBA) of Directors. She’s been Vice-President and President of SCSBA and is currently the Past President.

“When I became a trustee, I really didn’t know a whole lot about being a trustee, and just exactly what that meant,” she explains. “But I was always passionate about Catholic education.”

Paula thoroughly enjoys learning about how many moving parts come together to create a functional Catholic education experience for children across the country. As someone who became Catholic after meeting her husband, having faith-based education options for her children is extremely important.

“I see the difference in our kids at school and elsewhere,” she says. “It’s not just religion class. It permeates everything that we do.”

Paula looks forward to using her new role to help keep Catholic education strong in Canada. She wants to make sure we have a strong voice across the nation. The CCSTA is lucky to have her!

Ted Paszek - Past President

Ted Paszek 2011   bioIn 1983, Ted Paszek successfully ran for a position on the board of trustees of Elk Island Catholic Separate Regional Division. With the exception of one three-year term, he has continued in that position to this day. He is a former president of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association and after nearly 10 years on the CCSTA Board of Directors, serving as director, vice president and president, he is currently acting as past president.

After a long career as a teacher, consultant and school principal, Ted retired and went on to complete his doctorate in educational policy studies from the University of Alberta in 2012. He is a sessional lecturer with Newman Theological College and an adjunct professor in Elementary Education at the University of Alberta.

“A faith-based education is a good education for children, and . . . a values-based education is good for society,” he says.

He points out that some people define secularity as the absence of religion. However, in his view, “secularity means recognition of diversity, and you don’t give ascendancy to any one denomination in terms of government,” he says. “Values animate our society, and all religions—moderate religions—promote good values for citizenship, and so I think we have to have that kind of variety. . . . Public schools are awesome, but . . . the presence of a Catholic system, a values-based system . . . causes us to pay attention to the whole person.”

Ted and Jan have been married for 50 years and they have four children and nine grandchildren.

Julian Hanlon - Executive Director

JulianHanlon resizedJan2015

Julian Hanlon is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University, with a Masters of Education (Administration). Prior to joining CCSTA as Executive Director, Mr. Hanlon served the Ottawa Catholic School Board for 36 years as Teacher, Vice-Principal, Principal, Supervisory Officer, Deputy Director and Director of Education.  Mr. Hanlon also served as the Chair of CCSTA's Endowment Fund Committee.

Mr. Hanlon has expertise in the following areas and has made numerous presentations on: decision making and problem solving; staff training; Human Resources; team building; strategic planning, crisis management, Supervision and Evaluation of staff and leadership development.

Mr. Hanlon has served on a number of Board and Community committees, including:

- Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa (President)
- ONFE – Ottawa Network for Education (Board of Directors/Chair)
- The Ontario Directors’ Study Group (Co-Chair)
- ECCODE – English Catholic Council of Ontario Directors of Education (Chair Sept. 2014)

On a personal note, Mr. Hanlon is married to Claire. He has two daughters and two granddaughters. His recreational interests include golf, skiing, travelling and reading.

Jean Montminy - Executive Assistant

JeanJean Montminy is the CCSTA Executive Assistant, and she brings experience, knowledge and hard work to the office desk.

Before joining CCSTA, Jean worked for 15 years in the high-tech industry as a Major Account Manager and Senior Systems Engineer for IBM and Lotus Development Canada. During her time there, she earned multiple awards for her achievements.

Jean provides administrative assistance to the CCSTA Executive Director and trustees, maintains CCSTA’s financial accounts, and co-ordinates the endowment fund program and CCSTA communications. In essence, Jean ensures the day-to-day office operations run efficiently and smoothly.

Jean likes working for the CCSTA because it’s a faith-based organization, providing an environment in which the people involved truly believe in what they are doing.

When she’s not at the CCSTA office, Jean and her husband, Don, enjoy raising their two teenage children, crafts, volunteering, computers, and spending time with family and friends.