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The story of the Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association is an inspiring one, from the Association’s earliest days to the present.

In 1958, the need for Catholic trustee representation at the national level became quite evident. Bernard Kane, President of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association, travelled from coast to coast urging Catholic trustees to attend the Canadian School Trustees’ Association Convention in Victoria. It was hoped that, as members of CSTA, Catholic trustees would have at least some representation on the Association’s Board of Directors. Yet it did not happen.

Catholic trustees responded. Father Clement Kindervater, OMI, Executive Director for the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association , crossed the country to drum up support for a national Catholic trustees association. In 1960, with the blessing of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, twenty-eight trustees passed a resolution effectively beginning the Canadian Catholic Trustees’ Association (the word “School” would be added later). A new era in Catholic education in Canada had begun.

The Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association can take great pride in it accomplishments over the past fifty years. From the earliest thoughts of possibly forming a national organization for Catholic trustees through to 2010, there have been challenges, setbacks and successes, as in the life of any group. Amid triumphs and defeats one constant has remained – trustees across this great land have stood in unison to proclaim and protect Catholic education so that students might have the opportunity to learn within their faith. This has not always been an easy road to take, but that is the nature of sacrifice and dedication.

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