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The Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association is a national organization promoting excellence in Catholic education throughout Canada.

CCSTA represents seven provincial and territorial Catholic school trustees' associations in Canada. In turn, these associations represent over 90 Catholic school boards, which educate more than 850,000 students in almost 2,000 schools from Vancouver, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to Windsor, Ontario.

CCSTA works closely with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic organizations and the federal government to enhance and promote Catholic education. The Association also provides assistance to Catholic school trustees and parents so they can fully participate in the Catholic education process in their communities. In addition to its commitment in advocating for the faith formation of our children, CCSTA also provides opportunities for school trustees, staff and supporters of Catholic education to deepen their faith. One way in which the Association does this is through its publications and documents, which may be viewed under the Resources tab on this website.

The Canadian Catholic School Trustees' Association works with Catholic partners across Canada in providing our Catholic students with exemplary places where they may learn in their faith. The journey and accomplishments of the Catholic school, over the past two centuries, have been integral to the growth and spirit of Canada. Each school will continue to be, as our motto states, "a learning community enlivened by the spirit of Christ."

The CCSTA has three standing committees: Conventions and Finance, Resolutions and Political Affairs, and Communications.  Committee mandates outline the work of each committee.

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The Catholic School: A learning community enlivened by the Spirit of Christ.
L'Ecole Catholique : Une communaute d'apprentissage animee par l'Esprit du Christ.

Toonies Add Up!


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Toonies for Tuition fundraising campaign supports Catholic students in provinces that have limited or no public funding for Catholic schools.


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