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Build Bethlethem Everywhere book coverThis publication is no longer in print.  Click here for a PDF version of the file

This book outlines the principles that animate Catholic education in its most effective form. Catholic education is more than the transfer of information. Rather it is a dynamic exchange, which affects both learner and teacher. In lively words and clear explanations, the book provides a vivid guide that should energize and assist anyone dealing with Catholic education, in any form.

Now, in its fourth printing, has been a major resource in renewal and encouragement of Catholic educators across Canada and throughout North, South, and Central America. The seven chapters stress that Catholic education is part and parcel of the Mission of the Church and touches the lives of all Catholics. The message to "Build Bethlehem Everywhere" is inspirational, practical, and all encompassing. The book is a "must read" for Catholics. You won't be disappointed!

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