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Canadian Catholic Trustees

  • A Toonie at a Time: how Ontario’s Student Trustees are supporting other Canadian Catholic students

    CCSTA has a powerful new tool for its Toonies for Tuition fundraising campaign: student trustees.OSTA Student Trustees

    For this academic year, the Catholic Board Council within the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association are encouraging Ontario’s Catholic secondary schools to prioritize the Toonies for Tuition program as a key fundraising initiative.

    “Many student trustees were shocked to hear some provinces did not have publicly funded Catholic education and are eager to help support students across Canada,” explains Catholic Board Council Vice President Sofia Zamorano.

    When student trustees were told about Toonies for Tuition, the CCSTA initiative that raises money to help offset tuition costs for families attending Catholic school in provinces with limited or no funding for Catholic education, they quickly took action.

    With the help of tools and resources provided by the Catholic Board Council, student trustees mobilize their peers within their school boards.

    There have been various student-led initiatives, such as board wide non-uniform days and social events.

    Each year, CCSTA awards the highest contributing school board with a trophy in recognition of their efforts, but the emphasis is placed on participation, not competition.

    “There is no goal in particular,” explains Ms. Zamorano. “We are encouraging participation to the best of their ability.”

    Through these events, students both show solidarity with their peers across the country and also build advocacy skills.

  • CCSTA Applauds Government Decision to Keep Section 176 of Criminal Code

    NicholsonRob CPCCCSTA applauds the federal government’s plan to keep Section 176 of the Criminal Code in place, as it ensures the protection of religious officials and the freedom to worship peacefully without disturbance.

    This decision comes after the Liberal Government introduced Bill C-51, which would clean up wording or any redundant content existing within the Code. For instance, they plan to remove the provisions of setting off a stink bomb or duelling.

    Though, a widespread backlash arose when the government decided to repeal section 176 of the Criminal Code, which includes “obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman disturbing religious worship or certain meetings.”

    This section protects religious freedoms and was used as a grounds to charge a woman earlier this year after she allegedly entered a Church in Ottawa screaming and damaged a statue.

    Last week, MPs voted to save the section, though with updated language so it more clearly captures all forms of religious and spiritual services.

    Last month, CCSTA Board of Directors met with Conservative Justice Shadow Minister and MP for Niagara Falls Rob Nicholson. He made a statement on Nov. 8 regarding the decision to keep it in place. He received hundreds of emails from Canadians pushing to keep it.

    “I am pleased that the Government has heard the calls of Canadians from across our nation and has agreed to keep section 176 in place,” Minister Nicholson said. “The disruption of a religious service is serious and should not be treated as a mere mischief charge. It is a fundamental right that greatly affects all Canadians regardless of whether or not you attend religious services. Today is a victory for all faith communities in Canada.”

    CCSTA also supports the government’s decision to maintain Section 176.

    “To give a judge the ability to refer to a section of the Criminal Code that allows for the protection of clergy is an important element to religious freedom in Canada,” says CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon. “We applaud the government for ensuring the protective rights of Canadians.”

  • CSDCEO Chair Receives Honour

    bazinetFrançois Bazinet, chair of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (CSDCEO), will be inducted into the Order of the Pleiades for the year 2019.

    He will be receiving the Order of the Pleiades of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie. He’s one of six recipients of the order within the Ontario Chapter of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie (APF), the medal recognizing dedication and outstanding contribution to the vitality of Ontario’s Francophonie.

    “Contributing to the promotion of the French language across Ontario and (CSDCEO) schools is for me a cause that is enormously rewarding,” said Mr. Bazinet in a news release issued by the CSDCEO. “You could also say that it is a life mission.”

    Bazinet has worked in Francophone education for over 40 years. He is a retired teacher who, after a long career at L’École secondaire catholique La Citadelle, became chair of the CSDCEO two years ago. He serves as the trustee for North Stormont, North Dundas and Russell.

  • From Strike Talks to Good News: Here's a round-up of good news pieces coming from Ontario Schools

    Because our head office is located in Ottawa, our news feed has been filled with stories outlining the ongoing teacher strike action taking place across all school boards in Ontario,scott mission 0130 including the Catholic School teachers.

    As we pray for a result that brings quality education and opportunities to our schools, we thought we’d go beyond the mainstream headlines and showcase some of the amazing things currently happening within Catholic schools across Ontario.

    Here are some good ones: