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Catholic Education

  • The Toonies for Tuition Initiative is gaining some serious momentum across the country. Toonies social Eng 3

    To help support the schools, educators and students taking the lead on building Catholic education opportunities for all students across Canada, CCSTA collaborated with the Ottawa Catholic School Board to launch online marketing materials related to the cause.

    Toonies for Tuition is a CCSTA-based initiative that works to raise money in order to help offset tuition funds for families attending Catholic schools in provinces with limited or no funding to the private education system.

    And the CCSTA wanted to continue to build its momentum of support from across the country.

    “Last year, when the endowment fund committee convened to distribute the funds it was suggested that a short video could be a powerful tool to help school boards and schools promote their campaigns,” explains CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon.

    That’s where Catherine Burnham comes in. She is the Atlantic Region Board member with the CCSTA, and she’s also the Director of Development with the Divine Mercy Catholic School in Saint John, NB

    She created a video that helped tell the Toonies for Tuition story.


  • RECongressIn late March, CCSTA President Marino Gazzola was one of about 30,000 people that came together in Los Angeles, California to connect, learn, and celebrate Catholic education around the world. The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (RECongress) is an annual event that “offers in-service education and spiritual formation to those in catechetical and related ministries,” says Jan Pedroza, Religious Education Congress Program Coordinator. Hosted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the congress is a Catholic-focused congress that has grown to include people from a wide variety of different vocations and faiths. It was Mr. Gazzola’s first time attending the event, and he says it was an amazing experience.

    “It was certainly the best conference or congress I’ve ever been at,” he says. “It was unreal. The experience of being at a Mass with almost 10,000 people was just out of this world.”

    Mr. Gazzola says they had heard such glowing reviews about the congress from Catholic educators in western Canada that the CCSTA felt they had to send a representative. He was there for the whole event, from Thursday to Sunday.

  • Pour nous catholiques, il est particulièrement gratifiant de pouvoir retrouver nos collègue de partout dans le monde, pour apprendre, croître, partager et créer des liens. Plusieurs occasions de le faire se présenteront dans les mois à venir, certaines d’entre elles ici-même à Ottawa. Voici une liste des principaux évènements.

    Marino Gazzola, président de l’ACCEC, et Julian Hanlon, directeur général de l’ACCEC, assisteront à autant d’évènements que leur permettront leurs horaires. Nous vous invitons à faire de même, car ces rencontres sont toujours des expériences très inspirantes.

  • FUTURE GRAD PHOTO 1The St. Clair Catholic District School Board has always made it a priority to consult with their wider community when developing strategic plans. So, when Director of Education Deb Crawford learned about an online tool that could make community engagement more accessible, inclusive, and far reaching, she was interested immediately.

    “We were looking for ways to expand our strategic planning process,” says Mrs. Crawford. “We wanted to hear from a wide variety of voices, so that the people in our community would see themselves in our strategic plan.”

    That’s where the online tool Thoughtexchange comes in. It’s a platform that allowed community members to give their thoughts on how they believed Catholic schools could better prepare students for the future. They were also able to see what others had posted and give those thoughts a rating. This simple process of providing your own thoughts and rating the thoughts of others has resulted in some incredibly valuable insight into their community’s priorities, says Mrs. Crawford.

  • FUTURE GRAD PHOTO 1Le St. Clair Catholic District School Board a toujours préconisé la consultation publique pour développer ses plans de stratégie. Deb Crawford, Directrice de l’éducation, a été interpellée par un outil électronique accessible, inclusif et de grande portée qui facilite l’implication de la communauté.

    « Nous cherchions une façon d’élargir notre processus de planification stratégique, dit Mme Crawford. Nous voulions être à l’écoute de toutes les voix pour que les membres de notre communauté se reconnaissent dans notre plan de stratégie. »

    Voilà justement ce que le logiciel Thoughtexchange propose. C’est la plateforme qui a permis aux usagers de donner leur opinion sur la façon dont l’école catholique pourrait mieux préparer les élèves pour l’avenir. Chacun pouvait voir ce que les autres avaient proposé et évaluer leurs commentaires. Ce simple fait de pouvoir fournir ses idées et évaluer celles des autres nous a permis de mieux cerner les priorités de la communauté, dit Mme Crawford.

  • As Catholics, few things are as rewarding as coming together with our colleagues from around the world to learn, grow, share, and connect. There are several such events happening over the next few months (some of them right here in Ottawa) and we’ve put together a list of the major ones.

    CCSTA President Marino Gazzola and CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon will be attending as many as their schedules allow, and we invite everyone to consider doing the same. These gatherings are always inspirational experiences.