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  • T4TPoster3 Fr 1Cette année, l’OCSTA  lance sa Campagne ontarienne pour Toonies for Tuition, en appui à la campagne annuelle de l’ACCEC pour aider les élèves canadiens à se prévaloir d’une éducation catholique dans leur lieu de résidence.

    Beverley Eckensweiler, présidente de l’OCSTA, nous dit que l’idée d’augmenter l’appui à Toonies for Tuition lui est venue quand elle a su que si chaque élève des provinces où l’éducation catholique est entièrement subventionnée contribuait deux dollars, il y aurait plus d’argent que nécessaire pour subvenir aux demandes annuelles.

    « Nous avons de la chance, ici en Ontario, dit Mme Eckensweiler. Quelle belle opportunité pour nos élèves de venir en aide à d’autres élèves qui ne bénéficient pas de subventions à l’école catholique. »

    Même si l’OCSTA aide à promouvoir la campagne Toonies for Tuition, elle laisse aux écoles le choix du mode de collecte de fonds. Cela permet à chaque conseil scolaire d’organiser une campagne qui correspond mieux à la réalité de sa communauté. Certains conseils sont déjà au travail.

  • T4T Poster English 1This school year, the OCSTA is launching the Ontario Campaign for Toonies for Tuition, in support of the CCSTA’s yearly campaign to help ensure children and youth across Canada can access Catholic education in their hometown.

    Beverley Eckensweiler, OCSTA President, said the idea to provide greater support for Toonies for Tuition came after learning that if every student in a fully funded Catholic school donated a toonie, the funds raised would exceed the amount requested every year.

    “We’re so blessed here in Ontario,” said Mrs. Eckensweiler. “What a great opportunity for our students to be able to support other students who don’t have the blessings they have with Catholic education funding.”

    While the OCSTA is helping promote the Toonies for Tuition campaign, they are leaving it up to individual school boards to decide on the best way to raise funds. That allows each board to organize the campaign that works best for their community. Some boards are already getting started.

  • For nearly a decade, provinces, school boards, and school districts have been competing to capture the coveted award: the Toonies for Tuition Trophy. Toonies social Eng 4

    Since its inception in 2011, the CCSTA Toonies for Tuition Trophy Challenge encourages some friendly competition amongst the provinces while supporting families who are sending their children to attend Catholic schools in partially or unfunded provinces.

    The two trophy categories include the school board/division that raises the most money per FTE student and the province that raises the most funding per FTE.

    CCSTA tallies the funds contributed to the program to determine which parties earn the Trophy for the year.

    “We’ve really enjoyed watching the friendly competition unfold between the provinces that are fully funded, as they undertake creative and supportive initiatives to donate to Toonies for Tuition,” says CCSTA Executive Director Julian Hanlon.


    Saskatchewan Roots: Its History

    Former CCSTA President Mike St. Amand and his colleague, Bert Provost, first launched the Trophy Challenge. Saskatchewan took home the honours for the first six years, followed by an Alberta win and then Ontario. For the past two years, Evergreen CSRC No. 2, AB earned the top spot for the school district.

    “Mike and Bert brought a competitive and friendly spirit to this initiative,” says Hanlon. “The Trophy Challenge really helped ignite the fundraising efforts and breathe new life into a much-needed cause.”