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Ontario Student Trustees Association

  • CCSTA has a powerful new tool for its Toonies for Tuition fundraising campaign: student trustees.OSTA Student Trustees

    For this academic year, the Catholic Board Council within the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association are encouraging Ontario’s Catholic secondary schools to prioritize the Toonies for Tuition program as a key fundraising initiative.

    “Many student trustees were shocked to hear some provinces did not have publicly funded Catholic education and are eager to help support students across Canada,” explains Catholic Board Council Vice President Sofia Zamorano.

    When student trustees were told about Toonies for Tuition, the CCSTA initiative that raises money to help offset tuition costs for families attending Catholic school in provinces with limited or no funding for Catholic education, they quickly took action.

    With the help of tools and resources provided by the Catholic Board Council, student trustees mobilize their peers within their school boards.

    There have been various student-led initiatives, such as board wide non-uniform days and social events.

    Each year, CCSTA awards the highest contributing school board with a trophy in recognition of their efforts, but the emphasis is placed on participation, not competition.

    “There is no goal in particular,” explains Ms. Zamorano. “We are encouraging participation to the best of their ability.”

    Through these events, students both show solidarity with their peers across the country and also build advocacy skills.