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Julian-Paslawski-HigginsCCSTA is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2008 Justice James Higgins Award for outstanding leadership in Catholic education in Canada is Julian Paslawski of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Julian Paslawski has served in many capacities in Catholic education for over more than 50 years. Julian began his teaching vocation at St. Joseph School in Rosetown, Saskatchewan in 1954. Since that time, he has served as school principal, director of instructional services, and superintendent of education in the Catholic schools and board in Saskatoon. In 1988 Julian became the Executive Director for Catholic Section of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, a position he held until his retirement in 2007.

Julian has made many contributions to Catholic education in Saskatchewan and Canada. He facilitated the amalgamation of Catholic school divisions from more than 20 to the eight present Catholic school divisions. Along the way he has supported the formation of a number of new Catholic school divisions, prior to their later amalgamation. Most recently, Julian was instrumental in coordinating the development of Catholic Section into a legal entity, the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association (SCSBA). He is known as being the “watchdog” for Catholic education in Saskatchewan, actively participating in many meetings with politicians and bureaucrats during his 18-year tenure.

Julian has played an active role in supporting Catholic education at the national level. He has been a regular attendee at the national conventions, serving as parliamentarian for the CCSTA Annual General Meeting for 12 years. He has played a crucial part in the organizing and hosting of the CCSTA Conventions in Saskatchewan, sometimes leading in presentations and workshops for the national gathering. Julian met and communicated with Catholic Executive Directors across Canada on a regular basis. For him, Catholic education was at the forefront of his work and life.

In 2006, Julian’s exceptional contribution to Catholic Education in Saskatchewan was recognized in a formal manner when the SCSBA named the provincial Meritorious Service Award for Catholic Education the Julian Paslawski Meritorious Service Award. This Award has been presented since 1982, with Julian receiving it in 1998. In 2007 Julian was presented with the Saskatchewan Council for Educational Administration Award of Excellence for his 52 years of outstanding work in Catholic education in the province.

Julian and his wife, Cecile, live in Saskatoon and are the proud parents of three children and equally proud grandparents of seven.

Julian Paslawski is a well-liked and well-respected Catholic educator and leader. CCSTA congratulates him on being a most worthy recipient of the 2008 Justice James Higgins Award. This Award will be presented to Julian on June 7 at the closing banquet of the Brantford Convention.