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What a difference $2 can make

Did you know that many families in Canada need to pay tuition to attend their local Catholic school? Our charitable foundation alleviates the financial burden on Catholic families who live in a province where Catholic education has limited or no public funding through the CCSTA Endowment Fund.

Toonies for Tuition, the official campaign for the CCSTA Endowment Fund, is asking for your help in fundraising for this worthwhile initiative. Every year, there are more requests than funds available, so help us turn that around. Consider joining our campaign to share the gift of Catholic education.


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Fundraising ideas

Consider rallying the troops at your school, parish, or community organization to fundraise for Toonies for Tuition. Read our comprehensive Toonies for Tuition Fundraising Toolkit for information and ideas to get you started! Share your ideas or event photos on social media using #TooniesForTuition! Remember, every toonie makes a difference.

Spread the word

Help us make a difference for Catholic families through our #TooniesForTuition campaign. Share one of our graphics on social media. Not sure what to say? Here are some ideas to get you started:

For Facebook and Instragram

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For Twitter

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The difference your Toonies can make

"Receiving tuition support is so very important for some of our families who are struggling because of circumstances out of their control, but they are determined to give their child a Catholic education even if they must sacrifice in other areas of their life."
- Principal, St. Mary’s School, Cranbrook, BC

"My family received $1,000 in tuition assistance from the CCSTA Charitable Foundation Tuition Assistance Program for two of our children who attend St. Maurice School. We may have had to remove our children from the school if not for the assistance received."
-Parent, St. Maurice School, Winnipeg, MB

"As a widowed single parent struggling to support my family, I could not possibly have afforded to pay full tuition. Support has been supplied with the utmost discretion – we have never been made to feel like charity cases, but, rather, as if we are valued parts of the school community."
-Parent, St. Bonaventure’s College, St. John’s, NL

“Over the past 3 years, this much needed financial assistance has made a difference to several of our low-income families. Many of our families are recent migrants and are struggling to keep up with the high cost of living in the Lower Mainland. Without the extra support from the CCSTA, these families would not be able to access a faith-based quality education that is provided by our Catholic schools.”
-Principal St. Edmund's Elementary, North Vancouver, BC