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What is Toonies for Tuition?

In 2005, CCSTA established a Charitable Foundation to assist students in Catholic schools with their tuition costs in provinces with limited or no public funding. During its 2006 AGM in St. John’s, NL, CCSTA members envisaged the Toonies for Tuition campaign as the official fundraiser for the Charitable Foundation.

Why is there a need for Toonies for Tuition?

Full public funding for Catholic schools only exists in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.  Partial funding (approximately 50%) occurs in Manitoba and British Columbia. Meanwhile, Catholic schools located in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, NL and Nunavut receive no government funding.  Operating a school costs money, and in many places in Canada, local tuition donations and fundraising are the only financial source.  Toonies assists to help alleviate these costs.

How does the fundraising work?

Throughout the year, schools, boards, parishes and organizations hold a special day or week for fundraising. Donations can be made on-line or by cheque.

How do students access the funds?

Each year, a school applies for money, including a brief description of the family’s situation and the funds requested.  Applications are due March 31st.

Who decides what applications receive approval?

The Endowment Fund Committee, a group of five members operating at arm’s length from CCSTA, reviews the applications in April and May.  By June 30, decisions have been made and the schools are informed.

How will I know if my donation has gone to the fund?

All donations of $20 or more will receive a thank you note and tax receipt via email..  The CCSTA Charitable Foundation is a registered Canadian charity.

Has the money raised by the Toonies campaign really made any difference?

Below are some testimonials about the effect of the program:

“Receiving tuition support is so very important for some of our families who are struggling because of circumstances out of their control, but they are determined to give their child a Catholic education even if they must sacrifice in other areas of their life.  The families the school has been in contact with are very grateful for the support they have received from the CCSTA Charitable Foundation Fund.”

Janet Tymchyna, Principal, St. Mary’s School, Cranbrook, B.C.

“For this current school year, my family received $1,000 in tuition assistance from the CCSTA Charitable Foundation Tuition Assistance Program for two of our children who attend St. Maurice School.  We may have had to remove our children from the school if not for the assistance received.”

Parent, St. Maurice School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“As a widowed single parent struggling to support my family I could not possibly have afforded to pay full tuition – for most of my family’s time at St. Bon’s, I have been paying only about ten per cent of the full tuition cost.  In addition, I have received help with uniforms, textbooks and the myriad other small fees that are a part of school life.  All of this support has been supplied with the utmost discretion – my children and I have never been made to feel like charity cases, but, rather, as if we are valued parts of the school community.”

Parent, St. Bonaventure’s College, St. John’s, NL

Donations can be made on-line or by cheque.  
Charitable Foundation
Catholic Education Centre
570 West Hunt Club Road
Nepean, Ontario 
K2G 3R4

Please make cheques payable to "The CCSTA Charitable Foundation"

Thank you for your generous spirit of giving!