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Videos, Websites & Podcasts

Catholic Hierarchy
Catholic Curriculum Corporation - (website)
Amoris Laetitia Webcast Series (videos)
Amazing G.R.A.C.E. (video)
What is Advent (video)
Catholic Register (website)
Convivium (website)
Development and Peace (curricular resources)
Living the Gospel (video)
What Does Catholic Education Mean To You? (video)
Jesuits - Truth, Reconciliation & Hope (website)
In My Own Words  - Insight from people at heart of residential schools (videos)
Catholic School Matters (podcast)
Novalis (website)
Salt and Light (website)

Catholic Education: Enriching the Conversation

CCSTA has created a brochure outlining information about Catholic Schools in Canada and how they impact the social fabric of our country.

CCSTA has also created a number of mailouts highlighting the value of Catholic schools.  Click on the links below to select the mailout you would like to view.  

A History of Success
Distinctly Different
The System Works